• The upgraded Owl Labs Meeting Owl 3 360° 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera expands upon the features of the previous model to create an advanced panoramic video conferencing system. A single 360° lens captures 1080p video of everyone in the room within a 10' radius, while eight omnidirectional microphones capture audio from up to 18' away. Three integrated speakers project 360° audio from remote participants.

Meeting Owl 3 | Distributor

The Meeting Owl 3 is the most immersive meeting experience for hybrid teams and classrooms. It features plug-and-play simplicity, compatibility with your favourite video conferencing platforms, and intelligent autofocus on whoever speaks next so you can be sure they are loud & clearly heard! Built to fit large conference rooms or classroom sizes at 1080p HD resolution coming in 18 feet (5 meters) away from its mic pickup range which makes it perfect whether one person is speaking during lunchtime conversations, around a water cooler, or power outlets, or anything that can act as a disturbing element.

Operating In Hybrid Teams Has Become Easier

  • Hear everyone as if they're right next to you, thanks to the tri-speaker design for consistent audio pickup across large rooms! 
  • Start collaborating faster by using AI technology so you can focus on what matters most - communicating effectively without any hassle or frustration from equipment issues.
  • The clarity and detail of all your participants will be clear with a sharp, high-definition camera that captures every moment in 1080P

Usage Of Technology That Surpasses All

A Kensington lock slot and cable management are provided by the specialized Owl Lock Adapter, which is part of Owl Labs' Meeting Owl 3 Premium Pack. It also contains the Meeting Owl 3,  360 degree 1080p conference camera. 

The camera is intended for medium to big rooms up to 20 x 15' in size. With a 360° lens, eight omnidirectional echo-canceling microphones, and a 360° speaker, the Meeting Owl Pro camera is an all-in-one gadget. 

It may be utilised with the most well-known web-based conferencing services, including Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, and more, and it connects quickly to your computer through a USB cord. 

The lens records the entire room without needing image stitching, while the built-in microphones record the sounds of everyone in an 18' circle. In addition, the camera has cutting-edge capabilities, including noise and echo cancellation and beam-forming technology that adjusts focus to the speaker.

Ease Of Installation And Access

Do you want a video conference camera to give you the best view of everyone in your meeting? This thing has eight omnidirectional echo-canceling microphones and is capable enough for even large meetings with unlimited participants.

Moreover, it works well aesthetically on any setting- its 1080p resolution means there won't again be a need for high-quality computer monitors during these sessions. It is because they'll all fit comfortably within one screen at once, thanks to the wide angle lens, which lets them see more detail than before as though their zoom feature.

The white OWL Labs Meeting 360 Degree 1080p Smart Video Conference Camera is a must-have for any company looking to conduct meetings with the latest technology. This camera can provide an individualized viewing experience that lets you see what your peers are seeing, so there's no need to rely solely on voice communications during necessary proceedings!

Without moving parts or image stitching, the Meeting Owl 3 single lens offers a complete view of the space. In addition, the most popular web-based video conferencing platforms are compatible with this USB device.

Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed. You only need to plug it into your computer to start using it. Additionally, you may join the Smart Meeting Room ecosystem by using Wi-Fi to link your Meeting Owl Pro to the internet or your mobile device. Finally, you can use a mobile app to control the Meeting Owl Pro after it is connected to your mobile device

Incredible Compatibility

OWL Labs Meeting Owl 3 is a fantastic camera that is one of the best on the market today. It is a white, cylindrical device with a sleek design and is very easy to use. In addition, the device is compatible with almost all major video conferencing platforms, making it an extremely versatile camera. 

The Meeting Owl 3 also has an auto-tracking feature that keeps the camera focused on the person speaking, which is incredibly helpful in large meeting rooms. Overall, the Meeting Owl 3 is an excellent camera that enhances any video conferencing experience.

Meeting Owl 3 is also the world's first intelligent 360-degree video conferencing camera that adapts to any meeting room's unique size and layout. It captures naturalistic 360-degree video and audio to provide all participants with an immersive and lifelike conferencing experience. 

Meeting Owl 3 is compatible with all major video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Skype, WebEx, and more. It also connects wirelessly to any laptop or PC via Bluetooth or can also be connected using USB. As a result, meeting Owl 3 is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes who want to improve their videoconferencing capabilities. Thanks to its easy setup and compatibility with leading conferencing platforms, Meeting Owl Pro is sure to revolutionise the way you do business.

Meeting Owl 3 | 360-Degree Audio and Video

The Meeting Owl 3 is a cutting-edge conference camera with 360-degree audio and video quality. It allows for a more immersive and compelling meeting experience, as everyone in the room can be seen and heard clearly. The camera also has a wide field of view, so everyone in the room is visible, even if they're not right in front of the camera. 

The Meeting Owl 3 is easy to set up and use, and it offers a variety of features that make it an ideal choice for any business or organization. It is the device to consider if you're looking for a conference camera that can provide an excellent meeting experience.

The Meeting Owl 3 captures audio and video in 1080p HD. It has eight microphones that provide clear, rich sound, even when people move around the room. The Meeting Owl Pro also has a wide-angle lens that allows everyone in the room to be seen, and the camera can be rotated to get different views of the room. The Meeting Owl Pro is easy to set up and use, providing high-quality audio and video that makes video conferencing more efficient and effective.
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